Longwood, FL

Roof Installation in Longwood, FL

Longwood, FL

In the 60s and 70s, Longwood, FL was an area that benefited from employment at places like Naval Air Station Sanford, Orlando Air Force Base, McCoy Air Force Base, and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. More of the city’s own historic district has been expanded to attract residents to work and spend time in the city.

While plenty of residents work in nearby counties or cities, they choose to live more affordably in Longwood and enjoy the beautiful Historic District that comprises around 190 acres of land and includes such businesses as the Longwood Hotel and the 1873 Inside Outside House.

When it comes to roof repairs and roof replacements, residents of Longwood turn to Timothy Parks Roofing & Construction Inc. We assist homeowners with keeping their properties looking and functioning perfectly. Whether you want to add value or strength to your home, we are here to help.

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