Oviedo, FL

Shingle Roofing Company Serving Oviedo, FL

Oviedo, FL

The city of Oviedo, FL has experienced destructive weather events, most notably in recent history with Hurricane Charley in 2004, Tropical Storm Fay in 2008, and Hurricane Ian in 2022. All of these events damaged homes in the area, creating a need for an experienced roofer and home improvement contractor.

Shingle roofing offers superior weather resistance during storms, making it a great choice for Floridian roofs. Fortunately, Timothy Parks Roofing & Construction Inc. is a roofer experienced with shingle roofing as well as home repairs and improvements. We can provide a roof inspection and the necessary roof repairs or roof replacement after a storm, so keep our number handy to help with your home in Ovieda, FL.

Timothy Parks Roofing & Construction Inc.

Can help prepare your roof to stand up to the elements, and we can assist with bringing it back to life after a storm has gone through the city. We care about you and your home, and we will do our best to provide the compassionate services you need after a storm. If you own a home in Oviedo, FL, call on Timothy Parks Roofing & Construction Inc. for all of your roofing, home improvement, and home remodeling needs!